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Basic Arrhythmia Interpretation

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The educators at Resources for Nursing Education Online welcome you! On this site you will find the most comprehensive Basic Arrhythmia Interpretation course currently available on the Internet where you can learn to interpret dysrhythmias. 

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To provide the student with innovative, creative and cost-effective educational offerings that are presented in a practical user-friendly manner.

Your instructor, Joy D. Kimbrell, DNP, RN has taught this course to RN’s, health-care providers, monitor technicians, and undergraduate BSN students for over fifteen years and has received rave reviews like these:

    I will recommend this course to everyone I know who struggles with reading strips and learning to interpret dysrhythmias. For the absolute first time since I became a nurse I have an understanding of reading strips. I wish I would have had this a long time ago. Thank you for offering this valuable course.

    This course provided a better understanding of EKG analysis than what was learned in nursing school. In addition, some of the tips provided by the instructor really resonated with me and will make me a better nurse in the long run.

    I had been searching for weeks maybe even months trying to find a basic arrhythmia course, but with no luck. My hospital (employer) would not allow me to take the only course available via the local community college because it was not part of my job description (still haven't figured that one out!). At the same time the college only allowed registration through the hospitals. All other vocational schools I searched had abandoned teaching stand alone arrhythmia courses, and only included it with packaged programs taking up to a year to complete and costing over $2,000! I had all but given up when I found this course after hours of searching online. This was an excellent learning platform with several creative learning techniques and visual aids. I am very fortunate to have found this course and it is also affordable. I have and will be recommending this course to anyone else who is looking for employment in the cardiac field or requires this material to learn to interpret dysrhythmias.
Thank you!!!

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